The three elements of manifestation

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The three elements of manifestation


A lot of people think manifestation is just about repeating what they want to manifest, but it is not that simple, like anything in life. You can do affirmations and YES that is one of the three elements! You SHOULD repeat what you want to get out of life and keep saying it, what you preach, you’ll get.

The other side is, you also need to stop saying negative things about yourself. You can tell yourself I’m rich, I’m wealthy, I’m whole, I’m deserving of love, I will find my person. Sadly it won’t work if you think you don’t deserve it. And it is definitely not going to work if you don’t take action.

For example when you’re in a ‘toxic’ relationship and you affirm you deserve better and the relationship starts to get worse and you stay in the relationship, you will not manifest the love you deserve or want. The universe will not open doors for you if you’re not stepping out of a room you don’t belong in.

Or when you’re at a workplace and an environment where you get minimum wage. If you want to get rich and you stay in that workplace forever, how are you ever going to get a different income? Which brings me to the three elements:


Words - Belief - Action


If you want a better understanding, keep reading…


Words of affirmation:

Words of affirmation are very important. The thing most people don’t realize is that you don’t ‘start manifesting’ your life. You’re manifesting your life from the moment you’re born. Unfortunately not everyone comes from a loving family or background where people told them what they’re truly worth or capable of. This makes a lot of people have low self-esteem and tell themselves the worst shit ever. Which is really fucked up, because by saying that shit the universe can-do no different than giving you evidence of what you’re saying is true. That is how manifestation -aka life- works. It started from the moment you’re born and it will never stop.


Obviously you didn't choose your family, or did you, before you were born? I believe this is actually true - but this post is not about that -.
Anyhoo, your family can say things to you from a young age, which you don’t really have control over, because when you’re young you still need to learn some things. In this world we believe we learn the most important things from our parents, but if our parents call us: ‘Stupid, a mistake, fat, a burden, a worthless piece of shit’, should we really believe that? The simple answer is: ‘no.’ The sad part is that we do, because society taught us that ‘family is the most important thing’. Which is total bullshit.
If it’s your parents, friends or co-workers or whoever tells you this, don’t believe them! Have you ever seen someone try to bring someone down who is below them? Me neither. People who are living their best-lives don’t even bother to bring others down. They don’t even think about that, because they’re busy living their best-lives and working for their best-lives.


Where I was actually going, because I keep rambling sometimes is… Tell yourself the positive-shit you don’t believe yet, but also stop telling yourself you’re worthless. The universe can-do no different than bring you evidence of your words, it takes practice, practice, and, yes, practice. Unfortunately your life will not change overnight, there is no pill or product you can buy what does this for you.

You got to do the work YOURSELF. 


‘’No one else is to blame for your misery, but yourself, no one else is to blame for your success, but yourself.’’




You can scream you’re successful, but if you don’t believe that you are… The universe will give you evidence you’re not. When you come from a poor family and win the lottery, most likely you’ll spend it in a year-time (when you’re not conscious about it). You believe you don’t deserve it, because you’ve never had it. Or you’re so happy you finally got money in your hands, that you spend it all in one place. I’m not saying this is true for you, especially since you’re reading this, you want to become more conscious. So it most definitely won’t happen to you. A lot of people have been through this though, sadly. The reason behind this is when you never had something and when you suddenly get it: ‘you don’t know how to use it’.
Same thing for relationships. If you don’t come from a loving family (like me), you probably don’t believe you deserve love. I have been through this for a long time, going from ‘toxic’ relationship to ‘toxic’ relationship, because it was what I knew.

I used to believe that was the only love I deserved.
Until I realized I needed to change my beliefs. After watching lots of videos and reading books on how manifestation really works.
It made so much sense to me. I manifested these toxic relationships. A lot of people like to blame the person they’re with (which I did as well, so you’re not the only one): ‘that person abused me!’ or ‘he/she/it didn’t do this for me and didn’t do that for me’. We all like to point fingers, don't we? What if I tell you it is all a reflection of yourself? What if everything and everyone in your life is a manifestation of what you believe you deserve?
Now I’m not saying you deserved this shit, you believe you deserve it. The situation you are in is the situation you believe you deserve.
When you’re depressed, you believe you deserve to be depressed. Otherwise you would get up and try to be happy. When you’re in an abusive relationship, you believe you deserve to be in that relationship. Otherwise you would have left. When you’re poor, you believe you deserve to be poor. Otherwise you would find a better-paying job or another way to make more money. Otherwise you would find a solution to your ‘problem’ is what I’m actually trying to say.

Luckily, It also works the other way around. If you truly believe you deserve to be happy, you do whatever makes you happy. If you truly believe you deserve a good and healthy relationship, you won’t just settle for anyone who seems ‘good enough’. And if you truly believe you deserve money and a roof over your head, you won’t settle for a job that won’t pay you enough to keep that roof over your head. Or you could learn new ways to earn money.

The reason I’m saying ‘truly’ is because like I said before, you can affirm ‘I am rich’ and ‘I am happy’, but if you don’t truly believe you are… You’re not going to take action towards it, which leads me to the final element of manifestation.




There is no easy solution for your problems. I know, I know… I hear you thinking: ‘but there must be a way to get this done the easy way…?’ Nah-ahh.

There is no pill that will take away your depression and there is no drink that will make you lose weight and eating or drinking protein will not give you muscles. See what I’m trying to say?

There is no fucking easy solution! YOU GOTTA TAKE THAT ACTION! 

Like I said in the ‘believing part’, when you believe you deserve something you take action towards it. I mean… You can take pills for your depression, will it make you feel better without the therapy?
You can drink those ‘detox drinks’ or whatever the fuck those scammers are trying to sell you to lose weight, but you know that if you just eat your fucking salads instead of those chocolate bars you’ll also lose weight. You know that if you move your ass instead of sitting on that couch you’ll lose that weight.
You can eat or drink protein, without picking up weights or doing your work-outs you’ll never gain muscles…

We all -deep down- know the fucking truths and what we really need to do to get to our goals. That is not spending your money on bullshit and then blaming the person who sells that bullshit, because you are not getting the results that you want. Wake the fuck up! Or don’t, whatever.

I don’t even feel like I have to explain this part, truly. You just gotta take the action, and you know what that is. You know it and there are no fucking excuses. Unless you wanna tell yourself that. You can keep complaining and bitching about how horrible your life is and how ‘unfair’ it is, eh, well, it’s not. The people who you ‘think have it better’ don’t really have it better. Everyone's life sucks. 

The only difference between the people who seem to have it better than the people who don’t is that the people who ‘seem to have it better’ do the fucking hard-ass work, and the people who ‘seem to have it worse’ just like to complain about how ‘hard’ their fucking life is. It is that simple.


I hope y’all gained some clarity from this post. I wish someone would have told me this when I needed it. I wish you all lots of love and prosperity on your journey, and lastly no self-pity. <3

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