Revelations Of My Life

When I search google what a parent really is, it doesn’t even have one straight answer.One site says they are the ones who cherish their children, another says they give birth to you,create you and the other says they're the ones who raise their child.In my case, the only thing which was true is that they gave birth to me.When they gave birth to me they were probably confused with this meaning of ‘parent’:

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'Body Positivity BullSh*t'

I'm really happy that we are all kind of finding our place in the world and finding out what we want with our bodies. But it needs to be said; 'If you are that skinny on the edge of dying, it is not healthy. Starving yourself is not healthy. Eating so much that you can not move is not healthy. Being so heavy that you will fucking die because of you weight is not healthy.'

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