'Angel numbers' explained (no bullshit) 111 - 222 - 333

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Part one; Angel Numbers, explained by me.

(No Bullshit)

Elloooo, my loves! It’s been a while… hihihi.


I’ve been having a lot of maaayor breakthroughs! And I went to Dr. Joe Dispenza’s week-long event in Vienna in august! The integration has been rocky, but never gave up. Obviously not. No self-pity here, right!? ((:


So I had this really good idea if I can say so myself. Some of my friends have asked me a lot about angel numbers and what they mean and I keep explaining it, so I thought why not write a beautiful blog about it? Like I said it has been a while and I really missed sharing my thoughts by ‘writing’ (can you really call it writing if it’s actually typing?). Anyhoo, without losing track of why you’re here, let’s get to it. <3


First a little ‘disclaimer’ before I get to the numbers:

Something I always tell my friends when they ask me what the ‘angel numbers’ mean I tell them this: ‘It is not about what they mean to me. It is about what they mean to you.’
Since we all have a different story in this world and a different road to walk, I can not tell you exactly what to do and what it means for you. But I can give you the basics and the most important thing here is that you take what you read and how you interpret it. 

You have a different connection to the Universe than I do, because you have a different role to fulfill in this world than I do. That is normal. It is okay for you to think sometimes: ‘okay, this means that to her, but to me it means this.’ Actually that is fucking beautiful, because that way we can complement each other. You can teach me something and I can teach you something exactly as we are our true selves.

‘I believe that’s why we are on this earth and why we are all unique. To learn from each other and complement each other.’

Angel number 111; intuition.

Really, the number already says it. To me this really means the Universe wants me to follow my intuition. You know, that voice in your head that is always calm and knows exactly what to do, before you can even put words to it or make sense of it. To me, that is what intuition is.

And your intuition is also what will lead you to know which angel numbers are for you and have the greatest meaning to you at this moment in your life. You are the one who knows which angel numbers you see a lot and even if you see others more. Like for example, you see 555 a lot, but then you see 888 a few times and it speaks more to you. I think whatever number speaks most to you is what the Universe tries to tell you. Because the Universe will not give you a feeling of: ‘This number actually speaks more to me than a number I see every day’ for nothing. Everything you have, see and believe is for a reason. The Universe or God, whatever you might call it, they have a greater understanding and a greater mind than you could ever have. You can only see the present moment, so don’t you worry about the future, love. Worry about the now and listen to the now, because that is exactly what we’re here for. Listen to your intuition and what you need to do now, rather than in a year or ten. Whatever you do now, will build what will happen in your future. And I’m sorry to tell you, but we as humans can not plan the future as we like without listening to our intuition and working together with our intuition.

Even if we sometimes don’t like what our intuition says. And that can be the hardest part even, to listen to your intuition when you feel comfortable and don’t want what you think is ‘good’ to end. But I promise you, if you need to break something ‘good’ you will get something way better in return. Trust your intuition. <3

Angel number 222; right place, right time.

What else can I really tell you about this number? The Universe wants you to know for whatever reason that you are in the right place at the right time. Honestly we are always in the right place at the right time. To me, this number speaks to me most in moments that something shitty happens to me. Or when I don’t see results coming. It’s easy to get yourself down and give up at these moments, so when you see this number the Universe wants to remind you:

‘Everything is going exactly according to plan. Don’t you worry, my child. I’m still seeing you, I still have a plan for you. Even when you don’t understand what I’m doing right now. I’m here, seeing you struggle, seeing you build, seeing you getting stronger and stronger. Keep building, my child, keep growing. I got something huge for you in return, but you have to be built for it, so you can keep it. So you know what you have and you want to keep it. I’m training you for what you’re desiring. Keep going, keep growing and get yourself ready to receive.’

Angel number 333; love.

This is a big one.

I have, for almost my whole life, believed that I needed a husband (or boyfriend) to receive love. To know that I was worthy of receiving love. I truly believed that man, who would someday, somehow show up in my life, was going to give me all the love I would ever need. Which is not a good foundation for a relationship to be honest, so I would get in toxic- after toxic relationship. Because I would have these standards that they needed to give me love whenever I needed it.


I’m explaining this, because I know a lot of y’all believe this too. A lot of y’all keep asking yourselves questions about your future husband: ‘’When is he going to show up?’’ or ‘’What do I need to change about myself to be deserving of that man who will love me?’’ I know you do, cause I have been there too and whenever I’m starting to like someone I still sometimes do. The answer to your questions is simple: ‘’Don’t change a thing, because your person will love you unconditionally and exactly for who YOU are.’’


So this number really stands for self-love and seeing the love you’re already getting from the people, maybe even strangers around you. And the Universe wants you to remember that you are loved. Stop doubting yourself, you are loved. Exactly as you are. So be yourself, because that person is loved. You don’t have to pretend to be anyone for anyone, because you are already loved just the way you are.


Remember that the Universe got your back. All the frikkin’ time. Every single day.



I just thought a little about what I wrote here and feel something that is really important to share with you. Which is to really ask yourself: ‘How do I want to be loved?’ Peel your onion. Peel and peel and peel that onion until you get to the bottom of it. What do you seek in a partner, friend, family member? Give that to yourself. And also tell your partner, friends, family, whoever. Tell them how you want to be loved and see if they can meet you there. Nobody can read your mind and your feelings. Talk about it, because someone who truly loves you will give that to you. And it all starts with you giving that to yourself. Give it to yourself first and the energy you have left, you can give to others if you want and truly have that energy to give it to them. At the end of the day you is all you have. So you is the most important person to give all your energy and love to. The ones who truly love you will understand that and will be happy for you that you choose yourself. Trust that.


It can be that some people will fall away from your circle when you start choosing you and loving you more than them. And that sucks, honestly. But it is so worth it in the long run, because with people falling away you will have room for new people who will truly love you for you. And they will show up when you keep choosing you.

Don’t worry about it and trust that the Universe will send them to you.

I’ve been there, done that. And they came my way.
I have a smaller circle, but a worthy one.

Quality over quantity.

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