'Angel numbers' explained (no bullshit) 444 - 555 - 666

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Part 2; angel numbers explained by me.

(No Bullshit)

First a little ‘disclaimer’ before I get to the numbers:

Something I always tell my friends when they ask me what the ‘angel numbers’ mean I tell them this: ‘It is not about what they mean to me. It is about what
they mean
to you.’
Since we all have a different story in this world and a different road to walk, I can not tell you exactly what to do and what it means for you. But I can give you the basics and the most important thing here is that you take what you read and how you interpret it. 
You have a different connection to the Universe than I do, because you have a different role to fulfill in this world than I do. That is normal. It is okay for you to
think sometimes: ‘okay, this means that to her, but to me it means this.’ Actually that is fucking beautiful, because that way we can complement each other.
You can teach me something and I can teach you something exactly as we are our true selves.

‘I believe that’s why we are on this earth and why we are all unique. To learn from each other and complement each other.’

Angel number 444; protection.

The Universe is protecting you, creatures you don’t even remember from before coming to earth are protecting you. -333- They frikkin’ love you so much they are doing anything to keep you alive for whatever reason you have to be here. So keep listening to -111- your intuition, because -222- you are right where you need to be and you don’t need to do anything but be your authentic-self. Trust that the Universe is protecting you. You will not always see it, but they are always seeing you, protecting you, caring for you. You are that special, yes!


(personal story with this number)

First I didn't really understand this one, since I sometimes feel like the Universe only throws shit at me to handle. So a few weeks ago I saw this number a lot and in my head I was like: ‘What the fuck do you mean protecting me? When? How? Show me!’ Oh, and they did…

Me and Jacky (my roommate) went out together (for me the first time after I was raped and I was scared as shit). First, we went to the Barbie movie and after that I felt so empowered that I wanted to go out and asked Jacky if she wanted to come with me. So we went. First everything was already closed, but we were able to sneak in somewhere, where there was no guard. After an hour or 2 of dancing I wanted to smoke a cig, but the door would close from behind us, so we couldn’t get back in unless someone would go outside. We took the chance. Since we got in, the Universe would let us get in if they wanted us to. And they did not, for whatever reason.

Later that week I had dinner at my foster parents and guess what!? My foster mom started talking about this fight on saturday with cops and people who were going out, it was around 3 o’ clock and we left half an hour before that!

One week later I saw online that where we watched the barbie movie, an hour or somethin’ after we left that city there was a chase with gunfire from police cars!? And I LIVE IN THE FRIKKIN’ NETHERLANDS. When does that shit happen here?


Angel number 555; change.

Gosh, I’ve been seeing this number since I decided to move after my rape, since I decided to be consistent with my blog and since I decided to start with my
YouTube Channel and since I decided to be my authentic-self and so much more…


This number literally means that you are changing, your environment is changing and honestly, you decide which way it goes. If I may give you some advice, I always tell myself: ‘’It’s a change for the better’’ whenever I see this number, again and again… 
Change can look shitty in the beginning, but trust me when I say that doesn’t mean it’s a bad change.


(personal story to explain)
‘’I’ve lost a lot of friends and even my whole frikkin’ blood family when I was very young. At first I thought it was the worst thing that happened to me and now that I’m older I see it was the best thing that ever happened to me. Why? Because I change a lot, I’ve always known what I wanted. I’ve always wanted to fall on my face a thousand times and learn for myself instead of listening to my parents and what they told me to do or how to act. They could not watch me do all that, so I had to leave. I felt left alone, I thought they hated me, but they could not let it go to control me, so they had to let me go for their and my sake.’’

And without this change I would have never been where I am today. I would have never worked on myself and learned what I love about myself and life.

My father even wrote a letter to me when I was 17: ‘’You can not stay here, because we don’t change. We will always stay the same and if you live here, you
will not go where you need to go. You will grow so much more without us than with us in your life. We’ll only hold you back.’’
I was 13 getting kicked out of my house the first time, and it took me until I was 21 to understand what he said. Gosh, just realizing now, that I really needed to hear this as well:

‘Seeing these numbers, but not seeing what it’s for immediately.’

Sometimes it really takes some time for you to understand what the fuck the Universe is putting you through.


So I hope with all my heart that when you see this, this will give you some patience, even though I do understand you might get pissed off. More waiting!? My gooood. I know, I know, it fucking s@cks sometimes. And that is okay! You don’t have to pretend to like the shit you’re being put through, even if it will be the best thing that’ll happen for you. Remember it is okay to feel impatient, but also remember… This is shit now, for your greater good.



Angel number 666; reflection.

When you see this number a lot it is time to go within and reflect. Maybe you have been asking for an answer about something, but don’t you remember? All the answers are within yourself. <3 Whenever you are doubting to sit with yourself and go within for answers, that doubt means do it. It never does any harm
to reflect on yourself, your actions, your life, other people’s actions towards you, what you tolerate, etc.
Like I said before: ‘’Sometimes shitty things happen for a reason you don’t understand, yet.’’ - And sometimes going within will already help you understand.
I know not everyone likes to meditate and all that shit, for me that works, but for you that might not. Going within does not necessarily mean meditating. It
could also mean journaling or just having a conversation with yourself to understand your own layers. It does mean being with yourself for a while. A lot of
people don’t like this sentence, because it means you have to be with yourself. And that is exactly why you should be with yourself. How can anyone else be
around you when you cannot even be around yourself? How can anyone else like you when you don’t even like yourself?
I am not going to convince you to be with yourself, just like The Universe or God will not try and convince you to reflect. They will show you the signs, they will show you the numbers, and now it’s up to you.

You can either go within and reflect and change whatever needs to be changed.
Or you can be stubborn and keep doing what you're doing and
get the same results you have always gotten.
You decide.

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