'Body Positivity BullSh*t'

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I'm really happy that we are all kind of finding our place in the world and finding out what we want with our bodies. But it needs to be said;
'If you are that skinny on the edge of dying, it is not healthy. Starving yourself is not healthy. Eating so much that you can not move is not healthy. Being so heavy that you will fucking die because of you weight is not healthy.'

I can not really talk for people that are Obese or 'fat' since I've honestly never really been 'fat'. My father and brothers and one toxic ex-boyfriend would tell me I was fat when I looked the way I do now (see pictures), so I used to have severe body dysmorphia when I was young. Anyhoo--

I used to watch this show with my old roommate called: '1000lb sisters'. 
And this woman named Tammy used to be so fucking heavy that it would kill her if she would not lose weight. I'm sorry, but I'm actually not. That is just not healthy and not 'body-positive'.

'She was literally killing her body every day she chose to gain weight instead of lose it.' -She finally chose to lose it and that makes me so happy.

'Body Positivity' can sometimes make me so fuuucking annoyed.

It is a good thing, of course... But it depends in what way used. I mean, if you have serious health issues, like when I had anorexia and boulimia... Or when people have obese and they'll fucking die if they don't lose weight...


You hear some people scream 'body positivity' at women with bones almost stabbing through their fucking skin.

-I can talk about this, because I used to be that girl and I am so grateful that I'm not anymore, because oh my fucking god...-

I couldn't move my body without feeling like I would faint any minute. I couldn't fucking get through one day, because my energy was lacking soooo fucking bad.

'Food is literal fuel for your body, like a car your body needs fuel to be able to function. It's that fucking simple. Just fucking eat.'



Another thing that annoys me, but probably more girlies out there;

Still being called a fucking whore for posting pictures like I am posting today on this blog. 'You look so good, you're asking to be raped' and all that fucking bullshit. And honestly, speaking to my sisterssome of you are on this as well. It's not only the men saying this, there's also women who say this fucking bullshit. And with you as well planting those seeds in men's brain those motherfuckers believe that they will then have the right to fucking rape someone.

Someone who raped me in march 2023 literally told me: 'You shouldn't look that good, then I would not have done this.'

So what the fuck is body positivity!? What is real body positivity then?



(I'm talking from own experiences by the way, if you're a man or boy who has been raped, write your own fucking blog and take your power, honey! <3)

To me real body positivity is real simple...

It's not caring about your calories, but caring about what your body needs
and craves.
It's not about how much work-outs you do each and every day, but that you listen to your body when it wants to move and when it wants to rest.
It's caring more about how you feel in your body, than how you look for the outside world.
It's loving your body unconditionally, caring for it whether it looks how you want it to or not.
It's showing your body off, not because it looks 'perfect'. Just simply because it works so hard for you every day and it deserves that appreciation.
It's sometimes taking the night off, to give your body some extra love to rest, do yoga, massage it or whatever it craves/ needs.

Just showing it love and appreciation for the work it does for you.

If you can give the people around you extra love, you sure can make time for your body to show it extra love. Remember; you is more important than anyone else in this world. And your body is a huge part of you.

Please share in the comments what Body Positivity is for you. I'd love for you to share YOUR truth!

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